How much wallpaper should I order?

We recommend hiring a professional wallpaper installer as they are the best person to advise you on how much wallpaper to order for your space. Please ensure you order more wallpaper than you think, as we cannot guarantee dye lot consistency if additional wallpaper is needed of the same print. If you are between yardages, we advise you to round up.

How do I install wallpaper?

We recommend hiring a professional wallpaper installer, as this is not as easy as a peel and stick wallpaper that you may have used before. Additionally, all wallpaper comes with hanging instructions.

What are the dimensions of the wallpaper?

All of the wallpaper is sold by yard, and comes 27” wide trimmed / 30” wide untrimmed and 36” length wise. 

Do you print ½ yards?

Unfortunately, we do not. Please round up to the nearest yard.

Does the wallpaper come in one continuous piece?

Our printers typically aim to print in one continuous piece up to 70 yards, however, orders over 60 yards may be produced as two even length rolls. If for any reason our printer needs to split an order, we will ensure that the second piece is at least 5 yards and include an extra yard or so to offset any loss that may happen because of where the first roll ended. We are unable to accommodate specific cut length requests. 

Why does the wallpaper come untrimmed?

All the wallpaper comes untrimmed for a number of reasons. First, it helps protect the wallpaper during shipment. Second, it allows your wallpaper installer to have more control when matching the seams. Finally, it allows us to print joint markers to help show where the pattern should be aligned during installation. 

Why is the lead time for wallpaper 4-6 weeks?

All our wallpaper is produced by a small family owned company in Connecticut and are printed to order. If you need the wallpaper sooner, we offer a rush option at $250 per sku with a lead time of 2 weeks plus shipping. 

Do you offer refunds on wallpaper?

All wallpaper is final sale, as it is printed to order.

What are the attributes and environmental specifications of your wallpaper?


  • Digitally printed on Standard white clay coated paper
  • Material: traditional paper hand-feel
  • Smooth print surface
  • Matte finish to minimize glare
  • Class A Fire-rated based in the ASTM-E84 standard testing for smoke generation and flame spread
  • Suitable for residential and low-traffic commercial locations


  • FSC Certified ensuring responsible use of forest resources certified by a third party
  • Coated with water-based, Titanium Dioxide clay coating for superior opacity and strippability
  • Made locally in the USA

I have more questions!

Please feel free to email us at with any additional questions you may have and we will get back to you within 48 hours.